Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unfinished Business

    We moved into a neighborhood February 2, 2013 that I have lived in three other times in my life.  What are the odds of that happening?  God odds I guess :)  To be honest, it was the only home available, and we were approved 3 days before we would be homeless.  That would be God, just in time and not a minute before.  Needless to say, I had a BIG, BAD attitude about the whole thing.  It was smaller, crazy dirty, and I was exhausted before we even moved in from all the stress of not knowing where our family of 7 was going to go.  My body ached, hands were numb, and I still had to clean up the new house and unpack.  
       As I look back a few months, I really couldn't understand what God was doing, or what I was doing. My heart ached because it had become attached to a really nice house, in a really nice neighborhood.  I was spoiled with a 2800sq ft beautiful home, a giant yard and a two car garage.  We had housed many people, had many parties, and shared it with everyone we could.  After four years, I didn't want to move, I was comfortable right where I was.
     I had forgotten that God doesn't do comfortable.  How else could I ever begin to look like Christ?  I would have to change, happy or not.
     As I cleaned, planted a garden, and unpacked, I felt a little better.  I still didn't know why I would come back to Eastbrook.  My parents lived about 4 blocks down the street when they were first married and I was born.  They moved when I was 2.  My dad moved back to the neighborhood 3 blocks down the street when I was 16 and I lived there till I moved to Virginia and got married.  I came back when my daughter was 6 months old for 6 months.  Now I am back with my big family of 7.  I thought to myself, I must have unfinished business here. Why would God bring me back here?   God knew better than me, there was a bigger story unfolding.  Something that I would not have ever thought. He was going to send and angel to my house, disguised as a mom of 5, sent from Hungary to change my life forever.  The angel came with a message that would change the way I see everything. You won't believe what happened....

My lesson learned: Letting go of the worldly things (comforts), makes room in your life for real, deep down, soul touching satisfaction.  The kind that makes you ache more for Him.

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